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I was born in Brighton in 1954.  I am married to Val and we have four sons / daughter in laws and six grandchildren.

Like most part time artists I tended to jump from subject to subject for painting material.  Trying various techniques and often painting materials.   However, I always gravitated back to oil paints.  I now use water mixable oils as these are the most convenient and still give the desired results of conventional oil paints.  I use Royal Talens (Cobra), Winsor & Newton Artisan paints and more recently have included some of the Holbein duo aqua oil paints.

I wasn’t at first sure what to paint but due to my love of the sea considered this would be a good challenge.  I had seen the work of the late American artist E John Robinson and acquired some of his books on painting seascapes in oils and watercolour.  I then went on a painting course with the British artist Roy Lang.   He demonstrated some interesting techniques for attempting to capture the sea and in particular waves.  He was a great encouragement to me to start to develop my own style.  The results of that journey are contained in these web pages.

As a Christian, I find inspiration from God’s creation when visiting various seaside locations, in particular the Northumberland coast.

My wife (Val) and myself love being by the sea, so I started to take photos of the sea, in especially waves.  In addition to taking photos of waves, I have taken video so that I could study the way waves form and break as they come over rocks and crash onto the beach. I find you can look at the sea for ages, as every time you look there is always a new shape or pattern to be observed.  The sea is fascinating, in fact water in general is a fascinating substance.  Some of the photos I have taken, which have inspired me are in the Photography pages of this web site.  These are just a few of the photos I have taken, one of the advantages of digital photography.

Attempting to paint the sea and waves is a different matter.  To catch the dynamic changing mood is quite difficult – hopefully my paintings attempt to portray something of the power and wonder of the sea and in particular waves.  Therefore, I am attempting to produce something a little different from those who have gone before.

A few years ago we visited a Picasso exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, which has influenced some of my other attempts at abstract painting.  In addition, the books by Rolina van Vliet, have been a helpful inspiration.

In December 2013 I was made redundant after more than 30 years working on power station refurbishment as a design engineer.  Therefore, I took early retirement, which has given me more time to develop my painting and drawing.  From early 2014, I explored portraiture and life drawing with Derby sketching club until we moved to Lincolnshire in July 2017.   This time included some plein air painting trips.

For many years I have been a member of the SAA (A Community for All Artists).

Through our church connection (first at Jubilee Church, Derby and more recently with Market Rasen New Life Church) I have been exploring prophetic art.  Examples can be found on my web site at

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